Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Touch & Tell - Freud Museum London

More information on the Freud Museum website

This limited edition A3 poster with an added fabric moth is available from the Freud Museum shop for the duration of the exhibition. Afterwards it can be purchased directly from me, subject to availability.Please leave comment with contact details if you are interested.


Anonymous carolina said...

Saw the exhibition today at Freud Museum. I enjoyed the beauty, subtlety and depth of the pieces. My favourite were the book-objects ... but maybe that's because I'm a book artist. It's a shame there wasn't a catalogue or at least postcards with photos of the work. It's not the same to just have a quick glance at them, and photography is not allowed in the museum. Thanks for posting some images here. ᕣ .

10:20 pm BST  
Blogger Solveigh Goett said...

Pleased you enjoyed the work. There is indeed no catalogue, but there are posters, a postcard and some related art objects for sale in the Freud Museum shop. You can also find some of my objects - images & related texts - on my website: http://www.mirabilia-domestica.co.uk/

11:11 pm BST  

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