Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Genius Loci

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Genius loci – Spirit of a place – Geist eines Platzes – Duch miesta

12. Minitextile Exhibition
Slovak Textile Artists Association TXT
Galéria X, Zámočnícka 5, SK-811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia

23. June 2010 Exhibition opening
24. June – 4. Sept.2010 Exhibition

Silk Road Shrine
Somewhere along the long Silk Road that stretches all the way from the Far East into our factories, shops and wardrobes, I imagine a burial ground for silk worms. This shrine, made entirely from the fruits of their labour, marks a site of loss and luxury, death and desire, gives presence, in homage, to absence. If silkworms had souls – and maybe they do – this shrine would be their meeting place.

Where are the silkworms that spun the now empty cocoons?

Refuge for Lost Souls
Like a mountain refuge for the tired wanderer, this is a resting place for the wandering soul, still unsure of its destiny. Like a roadside shrine at a mountain pass, it gives temporary shelter and comfort at the crossroad where the domestic and the uncanny, pale nothingness and the red lifeblood of becoming meet and mingle, where edges blur and Euclidian space sprouts hyperbolic growth. This is a place for decisions yet to be taken.