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Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Latchkey Kids" in
"The Quest for the Inner Child: Souvenir Shop"

OVADA Gallery Oxford
Quest: The Artist as Pilgrim
18 Jan - 18 Mar 2006

The Sound of Silence: Inaudible Memories

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

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What's so special about the kitchen curtain? To find out more about my research at:


Download 'Thinking through the Fabric of Life: Textiles, text , texture' for paper and accompanying image sequence (ppt)

Christmas 2006 back to Christmas 1953:
the artist with her parents. Please pay attention to the kitchen curtain in the background.
Wintergarden - these images mark the end of a long period of pre-hibernation, a new beginning in grey and gloomy times, a celebration in the spirit of the season, of the festivals of light, of the flights of the imagination.

From the inside, though the netcurtain, we catch glimpses of an imaginary landscape, abstract snowscapes across bright fields of colour. The netcurtain has taken the festive colours of the imagination and burst into blooms in another layer of illusion, with small silver patches returning the gaze of the viewer.

These are lovely, simple and uplifting little pieces - a gentle reminder of our ability to re-imagine the everyday and the small pleasures that can thus be gained.

The images show three out of an edition of ten handprinted textile pieces. For purchase information for these or other works by this and other artists, please visit: