Sunday, March 08, 2009


"The Redoubt Fortress will become a hub of arts activity for Eastbourne Festival 2009! The show, entitled CIRCUMNAVIGATION will feature new work from the Blue Monkey Artists, Wycliffe Stutchbury, Cat Ingrams, Alison Haddon and Judith Alder. In addition they have invited selected South Coast artists, Sharon Haward, Mike Newman, Sally Colledge, Grace Powell, Rowena Easton, Solveigh Goett, Terence Kershaw and Paul Bartholomew to join them in the exhibition.The work will respond to The Redoubt Fortress, its architecture and varied history and will include drawing, sculpture, printmaking, installation, photography, textile and text-based work. In addition, the weekend of the 18th and 19th April will feature contemporary site-specific performance entitled ‘Navigators’ by Clare Whistler, with Sophia Ferman, Sam Barker, Lloyd Thomas and the all female foursome, The Gyg.

Admission: Special Festival admission charges from 11th to 26th April with a festival brochure: Adults £2, Seniors £1.50, Children £1, Family ticket £5. Due to steps at each entrance disabled access is limited. Please phone to arrange access for wheelchair users via a stairclimber if necessary."


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