Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hundert Alte Huete - One Hundred Old Hats

Grosse Ereignisse werfen ihre Schatten voraus - am 19. Mai 2007, zur "Langen Nacht der Kunst', werden hundert alte Huete sich am Kirchplatz in Guetersloh versammeln, um dem Haus meines Urgrossvaters, der dort Hutmacher war, einen Besuch abzustatten - Besucher aus anderen Welten und Zeiten auf einer langen Reise von Erinnerungen.

Big events forecast their shadows - on May 19th 2007, for the "Long Night of the Arts", one hundred old hats will assemble at the Kirchplatz in Guetersloh/Germany to pay a visit to the house of my greatgrandfather who worked there as a hatmaker - visitors from different worlds and times on a long journey of memories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

┬┐Las fotos son tuyas?.
Me encantan.
Besos xxx
your sister in love

4:17 am GMT  
Anonymous Kristoff said...

I remember this extraordinary foto-shooting in Germany very well. Only Solveigh can be "crazy" enough to travel around with almost 100 freaky old hats in her luggage :-D
I'm glad to hear that this project has generated a lot of interest and attention in the German art-scene, even before it's actually "unleashed"

6:39 pm GMT  

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